mens sex toys reviewed about
Hi. My name is Jane and this site is a collection of men’s sex toys, reviewed.

All of the reviews on this website are real.

My employer, PriveCo, provided me with a large box of men's sex toys and I asked some of my male friends to review the men's sex toys. I distributed the products to the men who agreed to do a review (most of them were very enthusiastic) and after they masturbated with the toys or used them during sex with a partner, my friends reported back to me with their opinions about how the toys worked, what they liked and didn't like, etc.

Since men's sex toys are still not as accepted in society as sex toys for women, it was very hard for me to convince my friends to let me use their own portraits and names on the site. My solution to this was to substitute the names and photos with fakes, but to keep the real reviews. In other words, the authenticity of the image was sacrificed for the sake of the authenticity of the reviews.

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