Viewers Choice: Best Cockring

Buy the Virtual Bunny now! The virtual bunny is a vibrating cock ring shaped like a rabbit. It is worn by men and meant for women. Couples will really enjoy this product as they climax together. The vibrating bullet sends subtle vibrations to the man and intense vibrations through the ears to the woman’s clitoral area. The ring is made of ultra skin that is very stretchy and comfortable for a man to wear on his penis–no matter how big or how small. The vibrating bullet can be removed from the bunny and used just like a regular vibrator, too! The Virtual Bunny is only $39.99 at

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“This is my first men’s sex toy. I don’t think it’s just for men. My wife takes out the bullet to use on herself. Its cute.”


“This thing is AMAZING. I wear it during sex and my wife pulls the bunny by its ears and pushes it down on her clit. Before we got the Virtual Bunny we had never climaxed at the same time–after 23 years of marriage. Now we reach orgasm together almost EVERY time.”